As a parent of a five-year-old inquisitive boy, I have gained a lot of experience finding fun activities and toys to help him understand science and understanding our world in general. On this blog, you’ll find an extensive amount of tutorials, guides, and toys about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math based on my personal experience to help your child develop critical STEM skills.

Osmo Review

Are you confused about whether online apps and games improve the logic and cognitive abilities in your child? Many studies have confirmed that e-learning apps are indeed successful in improving basic STEM skills in children (source). Osmo is a line of hands-on, interactive, and general education games developed in Palo Alto, California, by Tangible Play. The …

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Best Bath STEM Toys for kids

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) are four significant learning streams that contribute to our nation’s pool of doctors, engineers, scientists, mathematicians, and computer experts. STEM toys are kids’ play objects that help teach basic STEM concepts through fun activities. They help develop curiosity and creativity in children. STEM toys help develop many crucial skills in …

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Best 3D Pen For Kids

Kids love doodling and scribbling on notebooks. They have wild imaginations, which gets expressed in sketches and drawings. Doodling and making drawings or sketches help improve cognitive functions and improve memory. It can even reduce psychological stress levels. Expressing one’s thoughts on paper with pencils, colors, and brushes help open up the imagination and enhance creativity. …

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