As a parent of a five-year-old inquisitive boy, I have gained a lot of experience finding fun activities and toys to help him understand science and understanding our world in general. On this blog, you’ll find an extensive amount of tutorials, guides, and toys about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math based on my personal experience to help your child develop critical STEM skills.

Top 12 Best STEM Subscription Boxes For Kids All Ages

Do you also like receiving a great surprise delivered to your doorstep? Subscription boxes and the associated unboxing of them are becoming more popular with time and there are already many different ones to be found. You’ve got them for foodies, beauty lovers, book lovers, and also for your kids! Children will be able to play …

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Why Do Leaves Change Color in the Fall [Answers]?

Just like us, plants need food and water to survive. Did you know that trees can make their own food? Yes, that’s right. Trees produce their food from sunlight, using a green-colored pigment called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll transforms sunlight into food through a process called ‘photosynthesis‘. It is chlorophyll that makes leaves green. In the fall, …

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Best Stem Toys for Teens

As your teen grows and can begin higher learning, the types of STEM toys that are suited to them start to become seriously exciting. From toys that can help them to learn new engineering concepts, develop coding skills, and even help them further their school curriculum, there’s a vast range of STEM toys available out there. Plus, …

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Sphero Mini vs Ollie

If your child loves the workings of technology, coding, and enjoys the concept of robots, a Sphero Mini or an Ollie would be a great option to purchase, especially for a birthday or Christmas.What is great about these robots is that while they are fun and keep your children entertained for hours on end, they …

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Best Drawing Toys For Kids

Most children are little artists in their own right.Whether it’s using chalk, felt pen, crayon, tomato ketchup or their own bodily fluids, children love expressing themselves through drawing on any surface they can find.Parents should encourage their children in doing anything creative, but will often be frustrated if they ruin the furniture or the walls …

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