LeapPad Ultimate vs LeapPad Academy vs LeapPad Epic

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I don't know about you, but ever since my little toddler became old enough to handle a mobile phone, I have been terrified of what he can access over the internet.

The recent docu-drama "The Social Dilemma" highlighted how social media sites convert us into zombies mined for our data. They sell this data to the bidder who can spend the highest advertising dollar. Children are the most vulnerable in this process.

Now, I am a reasonable person. I work hard and sometimes spend ten hours working every day. So does my partner. Beyond a point, we can't get any work done without giving the iPad to my son! And what about when he grows older?

But what if we could give him all the fun, entertainment, and learning and leave out all the scary things? 

Kids with tablet

Today, let's talk about the LeapPad: a wonderful, learning-focused tablet from LeapFrog inc. LeapPad brings together various educational content, games, music, videos, and apps on a smart device. Kids love the concept, and parents like me can feel safe again!

We will review three of the top products in the LeapPad range and then compare them so that you can decide which one to buy for your child.

LeapPad Ultimate

LeapPad Ultimate is a kids-friendly gadget with a 7 inch screen that is perfect for kids ages 3 to 6. The best part about buying this kids' device is that the parent gets complete control and access to what your child is watching and what he/she can watch over the internet. LeapPad Ultimate has a $110 library of apps for learning, games, eBooks, music, and more that your child can learn. It looks like a small tablet. With special technology built into many of the games, it adapts the curriculum to match the skills and development of your child. It has everything for your child to learn and become creative, intelligent, and extra innovative. 

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate

Features and Benefits

  • Compact design: the small looking tablet has so much in it that you cannot imagine. It has a dual camera, one in the front and one at the back with a microphone. It is an ideal gear for your kid and is very handy and easy to use.
  • Large screen: it has a large screen that helps your child to view the screen with ease. Everything on the screen is self-explanatory and easy to read. Its touchscreen will help your child to draw, write and learn so much more.
  • Child-friendly: the tablet has many games, videos, music, and web content that expert learners already approve of. You need not worry about your child, as all the apps and games in the tab are safe and user-friendly. Moreover, as a parent, you have access to control what your child is accessing using wi-fi.
  • Attractive features: it has 8 GB of on-board memory. There is a built-in rechargeable battery, dual camera, and a point to insert headphones and enjoy music.
  • Perfect learning content: the content in the LeapPad is award-winning. There is so much for every age group. Experts design the library of games and apps to ensure that every age group has different things. There are challenges designed for children of varying age groups.
LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate
  • This ultimate kid-tough tablet features a 7" shatter-safe screen, multi-touch capacitive screen and a built-in bumper for durability
  • Includes $110 worth of learning games, apps and videos that kids can play right away

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LeapPad Academy

LeapPad Academy has everything for kids ages 3 to 8 years to grow his/her cognitive and intellectual skills. It is one of the best tablets for kids. It has twice the memory to store more apps and a faster processor provides engaging gameplay for your child. Your child will fall in love with this gear. It creates a platform for learning and enhancing creativity with music, games, eBooks, art books, writing, and reading. The pad is easy to use, and it has a dual camera with a video recording feature. It comes with a 16GB memory and preloaded with 20+ educational apps and more than 750 apps, games, videos and music from the LeapFrog learning library.
LeapFrog LeapPad Academy Kids’ Learning Tablet, Green

Features and Benefits

Let your child explore: you can choose from more than 750+ games and eBooks to enhance your childs learning ability. This library inspires your child to learn maths, science by playing games and solving various questions.

  • Extra features: its sleek look and rechargeable lithium ion batteries help your child to play non-stop for almost 9 hours. (But only if you want that off course!). The front and back camera with a 4GB memory allows your child to make videos and get more creative. It comes with a USB cable, quick start guide, parent guide, and two year warranty.
  • Play learning: it includes a free 3-month trial of LeapFrog Academy, an interactive learning program that guides your child to go on a learning adventure.
  • Design: The LeapPad Academy has a height of 9, width of 6,38, and depth of 1 inch. It is lightweight and weighs 1.28 pounds. This LeapPad is available in 2 different colors, pink and green, and meets a metallic finish.
  • Strong and durable: the side bumpers on the pad makes it strong enough to withstand wear and tear. It is also drop-tested gear and is perfect for kids from age three to nine. It is simple to use and handle.
LeapFrog LeapPad Academy Kids’ Learning Tablet, Green
  • Enjoy a kid-friendly tablet with Android that’s packed with 20 educational apps and creativity tools designed by LeapFrog learning experts
  • Explore LeapSearch, LeapFrog’s kid-friendly web browser and add to the learning with kid-friendly websites and videos

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LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition

One of the best learning solutions for kids from three to nine is LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition. It has two built-in cameras, an art studio, an eBook reader, a video player, and more. Your child can learn while they explore. Its sleek look makes it stand out from its counterparts. Give your kid a chance to play and learn simultaneously. The best educators approve of these games and apps.
LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition 7-Inch Touchscreen Kids Tablet with 1.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor 16GB Memory and Android OS, Green (Non-Retail Packaging)

Features and Benefits

  • Rechargeable battery and AC adaptor: children get 6+ hours of uninterrupted learning and play as the batteries are rechargeable. With the AC adaptor charging, you can charge the batteries quickly; it's just a single step to charge.
  • Rubberized frame: the frame of the LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition power is rubberized that makes it strong and long-lasting. It is also drop-tested and tough enough to withstand any wear and tear by the kids.
  • Educator approved app: the app has a library of 20+ games and apps that top educators have chosen.
  • Recharge pack included: the LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition power comes with a recharge pack, AC Adaptor, rechargeable batteries, parent guide, USB cable, quick start guide, and one year warranty.
  • Kids can learn by playing: kids can learn using a calculator, calendar, clock, video recording, using photo lab apps, and much more using this tablet. They can also learn to make stories with their favorite cartoon characters. Kids can engage themselves in music and fun games.
LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition 7-Inch Touchscreen Kids Tablet with 1.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor 16GB Memory and Android OS, Green (Non-Retail Packaging)
  • Product will either come in original packaging that is in less than perfect shape and has been opened to inspect contents or will come in non-retail packaging (brown/white box or white/clear bag). This android-based learning tablet includes exclusive full-access to LeapFrog Academy, the new learning subscription service from LeapFrog
  • The tablet is packed with on-board learning content plus access to leapfrog's award-winning library including hundreds of games, apps, videos and music

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Feature Comparison: LeapPad Ultimate vs. LeapPad Academy vs. LeapFrog Epic

Screen and Wi-fi Connectivity

All the tablets have a 7-inch screen and work with (or without) a wi-fi connection. It connects to kids-friendly content only with wi-fi. Thus children can get more content than what is present in the tablet. 


LeapPad Academy and LeapFrog Epic both are more expensive than LeapPad Ultimate. But those parents who can stretch their budget should buy LeapPad Academy as it has better features, and more gaming and study material.


The LeapPad Ultimate has 8 GB of on-board memory and both the Academy and Epic have 16 GB.

Battery life

All the tablets have a rechargeable battery. The LeapPad Academy has 7+ hours of battery life. The LeapFrog Epic has 6+ hours of battery life and the LeapPad Ultimate has 5+ hours of batterly life.

Suitable for age group

LeapPad Academy & Epic are ideal for the age group three to eight who will better understand the tablet than other age groups. LeapPad Academy & Epic help in developing cognitive skills and makes children use their minds to solve simple questions.

Kids using tablet

Whereas LeapPad Ultimate is perfect for the age group three to six. It is more like a toy for toddlers. The size is ideal for little hands.


While all three devices hold their own for quality, gameplay, and learning, it is important to choose your tablet based of age group. The LeapPad Academy is ideal for ages three to eight, the LeapPad Epic is perfect for ages three to nine, and if you have toddlers at home, you would be better introducing them to LeapPad Ultimate instead.

When technology has taken over education, don’t keep your children behind. Get them any one of the LeapFrog tablets and introduce them to a world of technology. These tablets will not just keep them busy but will also help them academically reach their goals.

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