Best 3D Pen For Kids

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Kids love doodling and scribbling on notebooks. They have wild imaginations, which gets expressed in sketches and drawings. Doodling and making drawings or sketches help improve cognitive functions and improve memory. It can even reduce psychological stress levels.

Expressing one's thoughts on paper with pencils, colors, and brushes help open up the imagination and enhance creativity. But what if there was a way to bring those doodles, sketches, and paintings to life? Won't that be a magical experience for any child?

Best 3D Pen For Kids

I remember watching Jurassic Park as a child. The way the movie brought dinosaurs alive was a miracle! It created a fascination with dinosaurs among children that is still going strong to this day. But all of us don't have Steven Spielberg's technicians to do our bidding at home!

The next best thing that we can do is to bring alive our children's imagination through 3D pens. In the past few years, 3D pens have gained a lot of popularity. These pens may look similar to regular pens, but they are way more relaxed.

3D pens extrude heated or warm plastic from their nozzle. With this plastic, you can create a small scale 3D model of whatever you can imagine. With a 3D pen, you can draw a raised structure. The pen can draw in mid-air instead of only on paper.

So today, let's have a look at the Best 3D Pen For Kids on Amazon.

Are 3D Pens Dangerous?

Before we begin, an important note on the safety of 3D pens: their nozzles use heat to melt the plastic. The temperature at the nozzle end can go up as high as 200 degrees! That is why all 3D pens are not safe for all kids.

We have divided our recommendations into two parts:

  1. Low-Temperature 3D pens, safe for kids below eight years old
  2. Regular 3D pens, good for bigger kids

Of course, parental supervision is best at all times, even with low-temperature 3D pens.

Best 3D Pens: Below 8 Years Old


3Doodler Start+ Essentials (2024) 3D Pen Set for Kids, Easy to Use, Learn from Home Art Activity Set, Educational STEM Toy for Boys & Girls Ages 6+

This 3D pen set will never fail to impress your kids as it comes with mind-boggling features. It features refined extrusion gears and a mindfully designed nozzle, which provides a smooth drawing experience.

The set includes a 3Doodler pen, a doodle pad or doodle mat, two mixed color packs of plastics, 48 strands, and a Micro-USB charger. A detailed activity book also comes with this pen set, which will open up your imagination with new ideas.

It has a recommended age of 6 years and up. It will help your kid in designing and drawing everything he or she has on their mind. It is a tactile learning toy that will help enhance various skills in your child.

All the inclusions are child-friendly and safe. The pen has no hot parts to avoid the risk of burns. The 3Doodler start is made up of PCL plastic, which is non-toxic and child-friendly.


  • It consists of a refined extrusion gear.
  • Enhances creativity.
  • Conducive to a child's imagination.
  • Child-friendly and safe.
  • For ages six and up.


  • The nozzle may clog sometimes.
  • Refills are hard to find.


MYNT3D Junior2 3D Pen for Kids [2020 Model] Child Safe Low Temperature Printing Pen (NOT Compatible with ABS/PLA)

MYNT3D - MP032 Junior2 3D Pen is an ideal choice of 3D pen for all budding artists, architects, designers, and builders. This is a perfect tool to broaden the horizon of one's growing imagination and express it beautifully.

All the features that your budding artist can ask for are included in this 3D pen. It consists of an extrude button or a filament load button, power button, battery indicator, heat indicator with two lights - red and green, a filament loading hole, and a power socket. The nozzle has a sealed design and prevents clogging, thereby ensuring long hours of drawing and doodling.

The pen has been mindfully designed to have an ergonomic grip to suit your young ones' tiny hands. The nozzle remains at a low temperature, which eliminates the risks of burning the hands of your kids. The PCL filament is 1.75 mm long and tends to have a low temperature from a kid's safety point of view.

The package includes:

  • A 3D pen.
  • A detailed user manual.
  • Three rolls of MYNT3D PCL plastic.
  • Starter stencils.
  • A micro USB cable for easy recharging of the battery.


  • Wide variety of features.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Clog-free nozzle.
  • Battery-powered.
  • Low-temperature PCL filament.
  • Enhances creativity.
  • Broadens imagination.
  • Affordable.


  • Not compatible with ABS or PLA.
  • May clog sometimes due to thick flow.


No products found.

Cuta Child Safe 3D pen is another excellent option to satiate your budding artist's curiosity and creativity! It uses a low-temperature filament without any external heating element. It is safe and will never burn your child's hands.

The pen is designed with a fat body, which is easy to grasp even for smaller children. The ergonomic design is complemented with an LCD for real-time adjustment of the temperature on the nozzle.

The pen is straightforward to use. There is a single button for discharge and return and one more for adjusting the speed. The pen uses a silent heat dissipation method, which is safe for children.

With its easy to use design, children can draw nearly any shape or structure in three colors. The pen's tip screw button makes the tip of the pen safe. It prevents the tip from falling off, thus keeping the child safe at all times.

The tip of the pen has been designed to be durable and give even and faster heating. The pen is available in four colors: Yellow/blue/purple/pink. You can choose the color which suits your little one the best.


  • Low temperature.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Tip screw button.
  • Available in 4 colors.
  • Can build models in 3 colors.
  • Inexpensive.


  • There may be a 1-2cm deviation between design as imagined and what the pen makes.
  • Does not work on battery. Dependent on connecting to a power outlet.

Best 3D Pen For Kids: Above 8 Years Old


MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen with OLED Display

This Super 3D Pen will let you draw, design, build and perform every stroke on any sheet of paper or flat surface. It comes with truckloads of features that help in regulating and controlling the flow of drawing wherever required.

It has a stepless variable extrusion speed control, which helps dial in and doodle in the way you want. The slider will also help you in controlling the flow of material depending on your requirements.

Despite so many features, it is effortless to use and has a clog-proof nozzle, which provides much needed durability. It essentially has two lights on display, including the red one, which indicates power, and the green one, which indicates the heating mode. You can easily change the temperature for ABS or PLA printing.

This Super 3D Pen is perfect for kids to have fun as it comes with three colors of ABS plastic filament, an A/C adapter, and an ergonomic grip. The pen also tends to have a lightweight design so that the artist's efficiency isn't hampered.


  • Stepless slider controls the flow of material.
  • Clog-proof nozzle.
  • Ergonomic grip.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Consists of ABS plastic filament.
  • Easy to use.
  • Affordable.


  • Poor quality housing.


3Doodler Create+ 3D Printing Pen for Teens, Adults & Creators! - Black (2023 Model) - with Free Refill Filaments + Stencil Book + Getting Started Guide

Here is something that enhances and eases artwork for all teenagers, artists, and creators. All you need to do, is plug in your 3D pen, insert the plastic and then click and doodle. With just three easy steps, you are good to go to spend exciting hours with your drawing book.

This pen uses the all new dual drive technology, which helps in a smooth drawing experience. Once the pen is heated upon plugging in, you can smoothly extrude and start doodling. You can make amazing stuff using the wide variety of 15 colors, refills, and an activity guide book included with the pen.

The pen is highly durable and safe. You don't have to worry even if your child wants to have his hands on this pen as each component, including the filament and covering, is made of non-toxic materials. The pen is very versatile as you can create your own personalized designs, fix the worn-out cables, redo the old kitchen hooks, and whatnot. You have limitless possibilities, from castles to your favorite action figurines.

The 3Doodler App will provide you with a better experience in terms of ideas, usage guides, etc. It can always be referred for completing projects.


  • Includes 15 colors.
  • Uses three easy steps.
  • Non-toxic plastic filament.
  • Versatile.
  • Highly compatible.


  • It might start leaking if it falls.


MYNT3D Basic 3D Pen [New for 2020] 1.75mm ABS and PLA Compatible 3D Printing Pen, Black

Gift your little artist this high-quality 3D pen and introduce him to the world of 3D artworks. It contains all the features right from basic controls to the advanced ones. One can easily control extrusion speed in all the modes, including slow, medium, and fast.

This 3D pen is thoughtfully designed to elevate your imagination and help your little one create intricate designs. The pen essentially consists of a filament loading hole; filament unloads button, a DC socket, ABS/PLA Switch, speed controlling modes, and speed indicators. All these features provide a lot of flexibility to the user to draw at their own pace. The nozzle is sealed and ensures a clog-free operation. The gearbox offers smooth extrusion and flows during the drawing.

This pen is highly compatible with various inexpensive ABS and PLA, commonly used by 3D printers. This offers a wide range of options to the user to try their hands on filling in large spaces. All you require is a standard AC adapter with at least 2A of power.


  • Wide variety of features including basic controls and advanced controls.
  • Three-speed modes for extrusion.
  • Clog-free nozzle.
  • Easy to use.
  • Highly compatible.


  • If the charging cable gets misplaced, then it is hard to find.


SCRIB3D P1 3D Printing Pen with Display - Includes 3D Pen, 3 Starter Colors of PLA Filament, Stencil Book + Project Guide, and Charger

Kids get more fascinated by the toys which have some electronic display and large buttons to operate. SCRIB3D P1 3D Printing Pen With Display is designed for children to decide the flow of extrusion on their own and watch out for their performance. This high-grade 3D pen will never fail to fascinate your kids and will keep them engaged in productive drawing and doodling for long hours.

The pen offers many exciting features that will help enhance your child's various skills, including spatial thinking, creativity, and perseverance. This pen can be used by your entire family to explore and design different craftworks and can help in making various handmade decorations.

This 3D pen has a stepless speed function designed to regulate and control the speed of drawing. You can always choose your own pace, whether you want a slower flow or a moderately faster one. The pen also has an ergonomic design, which provides an excellent grip.

The pen has various large buttons and an LCD screen for transparent mode or temperature display. The indicator lights will indicate the power and temperature. The nozzle and motor of the pen are designed, keeping in mind kids' safety. The nozzle stops clogging and ensures high performance. This pen also features an auto-sleep function, which automatically gets activated once the 3D doodling stops.

It includes three colors of PLA filament of about 50 feet, which will help your kid doodle for long hours. Although it is multi functional, which means you can use it with multiple types of filaments due to its adjustable temperature, it works best with SCRIB3D filament. One can always create 3D masterpieces and intricate projects effortlessly with this pen.


  • Create various 3D masterpieces.
  • Anti-clogging nozzle.
  • Safety features.
  • Stepless slider for optimal speed control.
  • Includes three colors.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • It consists of large buttons and an LCD screen display.
  • Easy to use.


  • The buttons have to be pressed hard to work.

Buyers Guide

When it comes to buying something for the kids, every parent wants to be reassured about the product's quality and safety. These tactile toys are great for enhancing creativity and opening up the imagination of your young one.

There are a few points that should be taken into consideration before choosing the 3D pens.

Low-Temperature Filament

Every 3D pen is designed to have a filament loading and unloading button. The filament is the component that helps in creating drawings and designs. The filament should have a low temperature so that your kids don't burn their hands while drawing.

Smooth Extrusion

3D pens are meant to extrude in a free-flowing manner so that the user can create and design according to their choice. The gearbox should engender smooth extrusion so that your young artist can have a great drawing experience.

Clog-Free Nozzle

The pen consists of a nozzle, which is supposed to deliver long hours of doodling experience. One of the common complaints is that the nozzle gets frequently clogged due to viscous flow. This hampers the efficiency and productivity of the user. Thus the nozzle should ideally be sealed and clog-free for a hassle-free experience.

Easy To Use

All these 3D pens are meant for the little artists at your home. The pen should consist of features that are easy to use and implement. If the controlling mechanism is too complicated, your child may find difficulty using it and may lose interest.


Is A 3D Pen Worth It?

If your child has some interest in drawing and doodling, then a 3D pen will fascinate him and keep him excited for a long time. They are only useful and worth it if you consider a high-quality and well-reviewed model as some pens immediately stop working after one trial.

What Can 3D Pens Do?

3D pens aim to help the user create 3D masterpieces on drawing sheets, flat surfaces, and even plastic. It will help you draw whatever you imagine using their mid-air technology.

Do 3D Pens Work?

3D pens essentially make use of mid-air technology, which helps in creating 3D designs. The heat is technically used to melt the plastic, which then gets extruded from the nozzle to build 3D shapes and patterns.

Are 3D Pens Dangerous?

Usually, 3D pens meant for children are designed, keeping in mind all the safety features and low-temperature nozzles and filaments. But as a sign of caution, sometimes the filament or nozzle may have a high temperature, which might burn a young hand. Some leakage of the hot plastic may also happen, so parental supervision is always best around 3D pens.

Wrap Up

3D pens are a marvel of technology. They can set free the imagination of children to bring an actual 3D shape to life. I love playing with them with my child and hope that you will have as much fun as I do too.

Among the low-temperature 3D pens, which are safer for below eight-year-olds, the 3Doodler Creat+ is my favorite for the consistency and brilliant colors it brings to life. It also has a detailed activity book that can start your child's journey with the 3D pen.

Among the 3D Pens for older children, the MYNT3D Super 3D Pen is a clear favorite for everyone. Its clog proof sealed ultrasonic nozzle makes sure that you get the perfect shape that you imagine every time.

Do leave your suggestions, and of course, your choice for the best 3D pen for kids in the comments section below.

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