Best Bath STEM Toys for kids

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STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) are four significant learning streams that contribute to our nation's pool of doctors, engineers, scientists, mathematicians, and computer experts.

STEM toys are kids' play objects that help teach basic STEM concepts through fun activities. They help develop curiosity and creativity in children. STEM toys help develop many crucial skills in children, including maths, logic, and problem-solving - simple things like shapes, counting, and color recognition help develop their brainpower.

Bath STEM toys help with learning and make a tedious chore of the bath into a fun-filled activity for your child. This article will discuss the best bath STEM toys for kids available on Amazon.

Best Bath STEM Toys for kids

Best Bath STEM Toys for kids: Preschoolers And Toddlers


Boon Pipes Toddler Bath Toys - Interactive Toddler Sensory Toys - Suction Bath Toys for Hand Eye Coordination and Fine Motor Skills - Multicolored - 5 Count- Ages 12 Months and Up

The pipes are ideal for developing necessary STEM skills and tend to make kids busy and entertained while bathing. Children can learn the basic science behind fluid dynamics. Such as water movement through pipes, flow velocity, and its relation to pipe diameter, and how to use water energy to power motors. Moreover, they are easy to wash and just need a bit of air drying.

Features and Benefits

  • Different Shapes: it has five pipes consisting of unique shapes and functions.
  • Attractive Colors: comes up with the set of 6 vibrant, graduated discs that spin down a corkscrew pole and stack up in the way you want.
  • Uses: you can hang the pipes to the wall with suction cups (included), or they could be connected like a chain. There is a separate bundle that you can buy, which includes connector tubes. You can get the whole set.
  • Safety: it has been thoroughly tested in terms of safety purposes and BPA/PVC free.
  • STEM Benefits: it improves hand-eye coordination, cause-and-effect learning, motor skills. The vivid textures, along with vibrant colors, reinforce visual-recognition skills. Children can learn the basics of fluid dynamics in a fun and simple way.

Why should you buy it?

It is suitable for children aged one and above, and the pipes will help the kid develop necessary STEM skills. Moreover, it is completely safe and tested.


Blockaroo Magnetic Foam Blocks – STEM Preschool Toys for Children, Toddlers, Boys and Girls, The Ultimate Bath Toy – 100 Piece Set with Toy Chest, Bath Building Blocks, Engineering Toys for Kids 3-6

Blockaroo magnetic foam blocks is a highly awarded early STEM concepts game. Some of the awards it has got include Tillywig Brain Child Award, Mom's Choice Gold Award, and the Parent and Teacher Choice Award. It is suitable for children above 18 months of age.

Features and Benefits

  • Many Shapes: you can combine the blocks to build many shapes (you can use each set to build one particular shape only). There are options to build a rocket, critter, roadster, helicopter, speedboat, and windmill. You can also purchase the 50 or 100 blocks set for building multiples shapes.
  • Most comfortable to build: children shun many block building toys because they are too hard to build. The Blockaroo blocks use soft foam magnetic blocks. These blocks click together with the help of magnets fitted in them, attracting the right part to each other. The blocks can rotate 360 degrees after combining, something that other block toys cannot do. Kids love the sound of a click when the right blocks get together!
  • Grows With Your Child: Blockaroo blocks have something for every age of children. For babies and toddlers, the blocks provide a vivid multi-colored, multi-shaped toy that attracts them. Preschoolers love it because it involves a lot of logic and skill in building something out of the blocks.
  • Making bath time fun: the blocks float on water and encourage fun during bath time. It helps parents make children want to get into the bathtub instead of running away from it!
  • Safety: t toy exceeds all testing standards for children's safety. It is non-toxic and completely dishwasher safe, so you can easily wash it up after every bath time.

Why should you buy it?

Apart from being one of the easiest to build blocks toys, this is a highly awarded STEM product that has been developed by professional teachers, keeping in mind the developmental needs of children. The toy gives multi-sensory input (the satisfying click of the blocks combining with the visual appeal of bright colors). It is excellent for logic development, such as counting, stacking, and sorting.


Bath Toys for Kids Ages 2-4-8 Mold Free Toddler Bath Toys DIY Bathtub Shower Toys with Suction Cups Water Slippery Slide Track Birthday Gift for Boys Girls Bath Time Ages 2 3 4 5 6 7 8(38PCS)

Fajiabao toys are designed in high-quality materials, keeping in mind the children's safety to play with them. This kids' bath toy is designed to make bath time fun. You can create DIY rolling tracks on which you can roll a ball to see it slide into the water. It helps toddlers understand basic mechanic concepts such as rotation and conversion of energy from resting to motion form.

Features and Benefits

  • Fun To Play: the toy includes wheels and balls. You can create a DIY track. Your child can put either water or the ball on the track to see the wheel rotate and the ball slide over the track. It adds a lot of fun to a monotonous bath schedule.
  • Colors: the toy uses attractively colored parts for creating the DIY track, which hooks younger children and toddlers to the game pretty quickly.
  • STEM learnings: setting up the slide requires a bit of basic mechanics and an understanding of how motion happens. Setting up the track also helps in building problem solving and logic in the child. Once the track is built, rolling the ball or water on its surface gives the children a rudimentary understanding of fluid motion.

Why should you buy it?

This bath time toy requires logic and problem-solving capability while building the track, making it suitable for children above three years of age. Once the track is built, even a toddler can play with it.

Best Bath STEM Toys For Kids: Babies


Nuby Floating Purple Octopus Toy with 3 Hoopla Rings - Baby Bath Toy for Boys and Girls 18+ Months

This fun bath octopus in the water consists of three rings so that your child can toss onto the tentacles and is very highly suitable for expanding hand-eye coordination. The toy is perfect for the early child development of kids 18 months and above.

Features and Benefits

  • Enhancing The Senses: it improves hand-eye coordination, cause-and-effect learning, motor skill. It has vivid textures and vibrant colors that reinforce visual-recognition skills. You can practice counting the discs at the time of stacking and spinning.
  • Vibrant Colors: the Playtime Pops come up with bright colors, numbers, cute critters, and these factors play a crucial role as the kids get attracted and intrigued by the bright colors.
  • Fun Play: it floats, and you can play with hoopla rings.
  • Kid-Friendly Outline: the textured figures help in providing more grip and support touch.
  • Safety: it has been thoroughly tested in terms of safety purposes and BPA-free as well.

Why should you buy it?

It is suitable for kids of 18 months or more. It is available at a fairly reasonable price. Moreover, it is fun to do while bathing, helping your child in quick learning, and BPA free.


SoapSox Kids Bath Sponge (Harper The Hippo), Soft Washcloth Toy for Fun and Easy Bath Time with Built-in Finger and Soap Pockets, Machine Washable & Dryer Safe, Polyester Terry Cloth

This hippo baby toy is covered in soft terry cloth along with an antimicrobial sponge lining. Moreover, built-in finger pockets are available to make scrubbing super easy. The sponges are machine washable, too.

Features and Benefits

  • Washable: the sponges are machine washable, so there is no need to worry about your child's hygiene.
  • Built-in finger pockets: this results in fun scrubbing. A clever opening for liquid or bar soap is also available in it.
  • Texture: it has exterior terry cloth lining and an antimicrobial sponge.
  • Age Consideration: it is preferable for all age groups, which makes it diversified in nature.

Why should you buy it?

It is suitable for all ages, which makes it more long-lasting, and has an antimicrobial sponge that ensures the wellness of your child's hygiene as well.


Munchkin® Caterpillar Spillers™ Stacking and Straining Cups Baby and Toddler Bath Toy

This caterpillar-shaped set is designed with seven different sized numbered cups and strainers. Moreover, it is ideal for pouring, stacking, and even counting. The cups can be connected to build a caterpillar or to build a tall tower.

Features and Benefits

  • Easily Stored: you don't have to worry about the mess as you can easily stack the toy back together.
  • Multiple Colors: the seven colorful bath cups are fun to link, stack, strain, and pour water.
  • Fun Spinner: the top cup includes a fun spinner that never let your kid get bored while playing.
  • Enhancing Reflex Actions: these multicolor cups are optimum for improving dexterity, hand-eye coordination, manipulation, and arm movement.
  • An Ideal Gift: these colorful cups tend to be an ideal birthday gift for your child. He or she can play with it both in the tub or elsewhere. Because it is easy to store, it is also perfect to bring on a holiday or daytrip.

Why should you buy it?

It is ideal for boys and girls aging nine months and above. It will improve their spatial reasoning, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and understanding of colors. Stacking toys like this one help enhance the child's understanding of shapes and sizes and encourage problem-solving.


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The boon chomp bath toy is a whale-shaped toy that is perfect for the kids at bathing time. The idea is to capture other smaller toys in the jaws of the whale. You can open its wide mouth by pressing on its large and soft tail. It is soft, vibrant, and indeed a right fun partner to play with.

Features and Benefits

  • Fun Toy To Play With: it is a soft and squeezable bath toy that will surely be likable by a kid while bathing.
  • Entirely Safe: these toys are built with harmless materials. There is no BPA, Phthalates, or PVC in this toy.
  • Many Options: boon chomp is also available in a fishing pool format, the objective being to capture other smaller objects in the fishing pole.
  • Enhancing Reflex Actions: this Boon Chomp Bath Toy enhances dexterity, hand-eye coordination, understanding of shapes and sizes, and arm movement.
  • Attractive Colors: it is vibrant in color and flexible for catching small toys inside the mouth. These factors play a crucial role as the kids get attracted and intrigued by the bright colors.

Why should you buy it?

It is preferable for children aged 10 months and above. Moreover, it is entirely safe, soft, and squeezable, which will captivate the child for a more extended period, and is available at a reasonably low price. The toy helps hand-eye coordination, understanding shapes and sizes, giving a rudimentary idea of the food chain in sea animals.

Buyer’s Guide: Best Bath STEM Toys For Kids

Consideration Of Age

As your baby grows, his or her choice in terms of picking up toys keeps on fluctuating. That's why it is prominent to choose the appropriate toys at every stage of our children's growth and development. The ideal toy for each age must factor in many things, such as intelligence and coordinative movement. Therefore, as your children grow, you need to revamp their toys in terms of the present age phase.

The Gender Aspect Is Important

There is no need to pay much attention to your baby's gender while selecting a toy in the infancy period.

However, as a child grows up, his/her preference varies and gets more particular. Therefore, as parents, it is crucial to keep an eye out for what your children demand and provide them with toys and materials to make it fun and long-lasting to play.

While typical gender stereotypes (girls play with dolls, boys with cars) are no longer relevant, what is essential is to understand your child's interest.

Certain classes of toys go together, even if they are not linked to a particular gender (for examples, legos, cars, and robots typically go together because they are all about building things).

Examining The Child’s Interest

Monitoring your child's interest is essential as it would help you decide what to purchase for them.

For example, if your kid is interested in building things, then you do not need to buy any robotic toy as your child may not like or play with it. Moreover, it will hamper the interest of your child.

There is a need to examine and act accordingly. When your child develops an interest in a particular niche, it will be easy for him to discover his or her purpose or passion in the future.

Best Bath STEM Toys for kids

Safety: Utmost Priority

Toys are an entertainment source and help in keeping our children busy and entertained. However, toys can also be jeopardized if proper attention is not paid. Your child might unwillingly chew it or eat it.

Thus, the product should not carry any poisonous or harmful substances. It might lead to some severe health situations which nobody wants. Hence, it is crucial to check the safety aspects properly. You should thoroughly test it in terms of safety purposes and check if it is BPA/PVC free as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Bath STEM Toys for kids

What Are STEM Learning Toys?

STEM is a short form of science, technology, engineering, and math. It encourages kids to learn more about all these different subjects by applying each to a real practical scenario. They make education more fun-loving for kids and assist in growing critical skills. STEM toys emphasize creativity for resolving problems and depict more clear goals to children.

What To Look For In STEM Toys?

Whichever STEM toy you prefer, ensure that your child does spend time with it. Many kids carry a sharp mind, which helps them pick or build the thing more promptly, such as a robot kit. However, it depends on your child's caliber and interest because it's something complicated. You don't want your child ending up getting irritated and short-tempered because he or she can't do it.

Why Are STEM Toys Crucial For The Kids?

STEM toys stimulate children to think of new ideas and to process creative decision-making. Every field demands creative thinking on a long-term basis, whether it is as a scientist, a teacher, or an artist. Moreover, it's crucial for physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development. The best STEM toys include engineering toys, technology toys, science toys, or math toys. All of them help in developing fine motor skills, counting, and color recognition.


Bath STEM toys are a great way to include learning and fun in a boring activity that most kids dislike. Choose wisely, and you will be building a foundation for some very important skills for your childs future.

In our opinion, the Boon Building Bath Pipes Toy is the best choice for Preschool and toddlers. The pipes help in building necessary STEM skills such as logic and problem-solving.

The Nuby Floating Purple Octopus is our best choice for babies. It helps develop hand-eye coordination and also stimulates the baby's senses. The concentric rings help your baby to understand shapes.

Suppose you are looking for a value for money option. In that case, you can also consider the Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers, which offers excellent value and features at a very reasonable price point.

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