Magna Tiles Review

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Magna tiles were introduced in the year 1997. Since then, it has gained appreciation from parents and kids alike. Magna tiles are transparent tiles of different shapes build with magnets in them. The magnets help the tiles to snap together quickly.

Your child can build extraordinary shapes and designs using these tiles. They enhance the understanding of basic principles of maths, science, arts, and engineering by constructing beautiful structures and shapes.

This article is a Magna tiles review. It will also help you choose a suitable set of Magna tiles for your little ones.

About Magna Tiles

Magna tiles have their origin in Japan. There they are popular as Pythagoras. Rudy Valenta visited Japan and saw the tiles. He rebranded the toy as Magna tiles in 1997 under his company Valtech Co.

Today, these tiles are popular amongst kids as they are very colorful and attractive. Kids love it. It will help enhance your child's critical thinking as well as out of the box thinking skills. Give your little one the pleasure of owning a set of Magna tiles.

Features and Benefits: A Magna Tiles Review

Kids-friendly material

Every piece of a Magna tile set is kid-friendly and safe to play with. It meets all the safety standards of ASTM, CPSIA, EN71, AND CPSC. It is 100% non-toxic, made of safe material that is lead-free and BPA-free. It is Phthalate-free and is made of ABS plastic, a food-grade material that is very safe for kids.

Unique designs

Magna tiles come in only five basic shapes: Large Square, Small Square, Isosceles Triangle, Equilateral Triangle, and Right Triangle.

But when your child's mind gets down to creating castles, windmills, robots, or even flowers, these five shapes are more than enough!

There are car bases and other shapes that are usually not a part of the basic set of shapes in a Magna tiles set.

The edges of the Magna tiles have a criss-cross lattice design with metallic corners. Its smooth edges are safe for kids to play with.

The most attractive feature of the Magna tiles to younger children is the clear transparent colors. All the colors like red, yellow, orange, green, and blue look beautiful under lights.

Sonic welded tile

Each piece of the tile is ultrasonically welded. When a child connects two tiles, it hears a click sound. This "click" tells the child that the tiles are safely secured. The tiles' clicking sound attracts the kids, and they will want to continue playing with the toy. The way each tile is welded, keeps the magnet out of reach of children.

Strong and durable material

Each Magna tile has stainless steel rivets attached to it. Steel makes it strong enough to withstand regular dropping and other wear and tear. Clips provide strength and resistance to changing temperatures. Kids can play without worrying about any damage.

Different shapes

Different sets of Magna tiles come with varying numbers of pieces. The bigger set contains as many as 100 pieces, and all the pieces have different shapes and sizes. Kids can conveniently learn about various figures and learn about their placements.

Colorful shapes


Learning patterns, shapes, and color recognition are convenient with these tiles. It will help enhance the learning ability of your kids but will also develop critical and problem-solving skills.

How Do Magna Tiles Help In The Growth Of Your Kids?

Language development

The first step towards the growth of a kid is recognition, and speaking follows immediately. Once your child learns to recognize shapes and colors, it can start talking about it. Magna tiles come in various shapes and colors. These colorful tiles can be a great way to teach shapes and color names. You can also teach them to correctly pronounce each shape and color, ultimately helping them understand their language development.

Promotes thinking and imagination

Magna tiles are a great way to convert your child's thoughts and imagination into reality. You can scatter the Magna pieces in front of them.

Observe how they quickly convert them into some of the most beautiful shapes in the world. Once they are through the first building, then nothing can stop them from creating the next masterpiece.

Increase creativity

Magna tiles come in endless shapes and sizes, which gives innumerable opportunities to build and stay creative. With so many shapes, colors, and sizes scattered in front of them, they can explore their creativity.

Problem-solving skills

If we teach children problem-solving skills from the very beginning, it will help them in the long run. Not only will they try to apply them in daily life, but they will also excel academically. And they won't be shy to try new things as well. 

Problem Solving skill

For example, if you ask your kid to make a house using tiles, it needs to figure out first what shapes are required. Later they can assemble those pieces to build a house. This way, they will learn logical thinking and problem-solving.

Gross Motor Skills Development

Gross motor skills are the physical skills that kids need to embed from a very early age. These tiles promote whole-body movements to perform various functions.

Gross motor skills include eye-hand coordination skills such as picking objects and placing them at the correct place.

Magna tiles help kids to develop these skills. While playing, they need to pick up pieces and put them in the right order to build something.

STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) Skills

Magna tiles are ideal STEM toys. The basic idea behind STEM toys is to teach kids the art of asking questions, thinking creatively, working collaboratively, and solving problems.

Magna tiles are a great way to teach basic scientific principles.

For example, you can ask them to make three ramps of different sizes and ask them to drive a car through these ramps one by one. Through this simple experiment, you can teach them why cars move faster through a steeper ramp and vice versa.

Magna Tile Available On Amazon

Magna Tiles 100 Piece Set

The Magna tiles are secure magnets of colorful shapes with steel rivets. These are lead-free, non-toxic, and phthalate-free too. It is kid-friendly, and we are sure your kid will love it.

Your kid can learn to make different patterns, visualize different colors, recognize 3D shapes, and much more.

This hundred piece set helps build gross motor, spatial, and teamwork skills. It also promotes out of the box thinking. Magnetic tiles are one of the best ways to engage your child in something exciting and full of learning.

Magna Tiles Car Expansion Set

A perfect educational toy for kids aged three and above is the car extension set by Magna tiles. Playing with the car set, children can also gain an understanding of motion and other basic principles of science.

There are two cars with 14 magnets each. Tiles can be arranged in various ways over the base. Your child can build a wagon-wheel, a dump truck, a fire truck, or anything else that comes to mind. They can play with these cars by making ramps as well.

Magna-Tiles Glow In The Dark Set

The tileset features 16 piece glow in dark tiles. All the shapes like triangle, right-angle triangle, small squares, and isosceles triangle are available that will help your child create some great shapes.

The best feature is that this set glows in the dark, so your kid can create beautiful night light shapes that can be left in their room at bedtime!

The tiles use sunlight to re-charge their LED lights.

Magna Tiles Ice Set

Magna tiles ICE set is ideal for creative and open-ended play. It is good for children of ages three and above. There are 16 crystal-like tiles in the collection. The tiles are lead-free, non-toxic, and kid-friendly. Magnets in the tiles are visible, and they connect with other tiles with a clicking sound that attracts children.

Frequently Asked Questions By Parents

Do you think Magna tiles can be dangerous for my kid?

Not really, as the tiles have smooth edges that have ultrasonic welding. The welding keeps the magnet intact. But, in the very rare case that the magnet comes out (we have never heard of it though), please make sure that your child does not swallow it. If they do, this can be life-threatening.

Are Magna tiles waterproof?

No. Although the magnet used in the tiles are quite sturdy, still these magnets are not safe in the water. These tiles are not waterproof. Do not let your child submerge the tile in water.

It will lead to rusting of the magnets, and water can enter the tiles and spoil the magnets.

Can my child break Magna tiles?

Magna tiles are made from sturdy materials that are not easy to break. Therefore, if your child loves to throw things around, don't worry. He/she won't be able to break them easily. The pieces will break only if you hit it with something very hard like a hammer.

Why is the magnet of my tiles not working?

If your kid has accidentally submerged the tiles in water, this can be one reason. Also, if you don't store the tiles properly, they tend to lose their magnetism. Sometimes with age, the magnets begin to corrode, leaving the magnets good for nothing.

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