Anki Cozmo Vs Vector Robots

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In a world where technology is constantly adapting, new children’s toys are being created all the time.

In 2015, Anki Cozmo was introduced to the market, and children everywhere wanted one. This friendly robot has unique features that not all toys have to offer. Two years later, Anki Vector was launched and brought competition to its predecessor.

While the two robots do have a lot of similarities in design and appearance, there is more to them than meets the eye.

The Vector robot is a newer model, and more modern technology usually means better features. If you are struggling to make a decision between the two friendly robots, we have got all the information you need to help you choose the right type of robot.

We have compared the two side by side and have carried out a lot of research, so you don’t have to. Read on to find out all about these Anki robots and their hardware, specs, and other qualities. 

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This robot is a limited edition interstellar blue colored robot that has real-life like qualities like those robots in your favorite movies.

You can challenge Cozmo to games, or use the explorer mode to view things from a robot’s perspective. It even has a beginner-friendly interface and is an educational robot that can teach both children and adults to code creatively.

This toy robot has been tested well for durability and safety, so you won’t need to worry about it breaking.

It is robust and made from high-quality materials, and is really easy to use. It is recommended for those who are older than 8 years old, and it can provide entertainment for the whole family.

You will need a compatible IOS or Android device so you can download the free Cozmo app in order to use the product.

Even though the company has ceased product development and manufacturing, they have stated that they will continue to provide long-term support to maintain the operation of all of their existing products.

Due to AI software, the robot is able to recognize you and remember your name and will evolve the more it is used.

The app brings you new games and activities to try out with your robot, and you can program it to complete different tasks or actions. 


  • The robot has real-life like qualities for added realism.
  • Has been well-tested for durability and safety.
  • Really easy to use.
  • A free app can be downloaded for additional games and content.
  • AI software allows the robot to recognize you and remember your name.
  • Provides fun for the entire family.


  • You will need a compatible mobile phone to access all features.

Vector Robot by Anki, A Home Robot Who Hangs Out & Helps Out For facial recognition, With Amazon Alexa Built-In For 5-99 Years

This Vector robot is designed to be your companion and provide both company and information.

It is powered by AI technology and advanced robotics to give him his very own personality and allow him to engage with some of the senses like sight, sound, and touch.

This is a voice-activated robot that will answer questions, take pictures, show you the weather, and more. Voice features are only available in English.

You can choose to set up Amazon Alexa on your robot, which allows you to set reminders, control smart home devices, and ask questions.

Vector can navigate and self-charge on its own and will avoid people and obstacles without any help.

Vector is an updating platform that is connected through wifi, so he’s always learning and updating with new skills and features.

You will need a compatible IOS or Android device so you can set up the robot on arrival.

The robot doesn’t support all of the features that you would get with an Alexa, like playing music through streaming services. However, you can play music externally and watch your robot dance along to the tunes. 

There is no doubt that this robot can see with its HD camera that allows him to use computer vision to recognize and remember faces.

This also stops him from bumping into things. Vector is also able to feel by using touch sensors, so you can even pet him to calm him down.

Amazingly, this robot can also self-charge and will know when it is running low on power. When this happens, he will roll over to his charger all on his own to recharge.


  • This robot can provide you with company and information.
  • You can set up Amazon Alexa for additional features.
  • Vector is connected via wifi and continuously updates and learns new information.
  • This robot can see through HD cameras.
  • It can feel things through touch sensors, allowing it to recognize you.
  • It can also self-charge all on its own.


  • The robot can fall off edges sometimes.

Anki Cozmo Vs Vector - Similarities

Both of these devices are able to provide you with company, and they can both do different tricks and actions. The exterior design of both of these robots is pretty much the same, and the external hardware is in the same position.

There isn’t much size difference between the two, and the movement style and mechanics also haven’t adapted much. They both run off similar battery lives, though the Cozmo is not capable of self-charging. 

Anki Cozmo Vs Vector - Differences

Both of these robots have similarities on the outside, but there are quite a few differences among the technology inside. Naturally, as the Vector robot came out after the Cozmo robot, it has more updated features and newer technology. 

The Cozmo cannot be connected to the wifi, whereas the Vector can. This means that the Vector will be more updated, and it can use the internet to its advantage to answer questions and be resourceful. Due to the wifi capability, the Vector robot is also able to connect to Amazon Alexa.

This is an optional function that doesn’t have to be set up, but there are additional features that come with it. You can use it to ask about the weather or what time it is. You can also set reminders and timers that can be useful. 

Cozmo’s screen can only display in blue color, but Vector has a full-color display with a better resolution. Vector also has an updated processor that allows it to work faster.

The Cozmo used an Arm Cortex 4, and the Vector uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200, which is a much better version. This helped to eliminate the need for the app software as the speed increased from 100MHz to 1.2GHz.

Cozmo is limited as it does not have a microphone for hearing sounds and voices. Vector has a four-microphone array so that he can also be used as a voice assistant like Siri or Amazon Alexa.

You can ask it questions, and it can give you the answers that you are looking for. 

The Vector robot also has a capacitive touch sensor on its back, so he is aware when he is being picked up or stroked. The camera in the Cozmo had a limited field of view that is no longer an issue with the updated Vector robot.

This robot also has a higher resolution of 720p. It even has a laser sensor that the previous model does not, which allows the robot to navigate his surroundings better.

While the Vector robot may be superior in most aspects, it doesn’t come with as many cube blocks as its predecessor. This robot only has one cube block, but the Cozmo comes with three.

The Cozmo is more suited to younger children with its apps and games and other learning features, but the Vector is more suited towards older children or even adults as it is more focused on the voice assistant aspect.

Due to the more complicated features of the Vector robot, there is a higher likelihood of it malfunctioning or being bugged. There is a known complication that it can sometimes fall off of desks, and it isn’t always fully aware of its surroundings.

As an older product, the Cozmo robot has been updated, and the bugs have been fixed; this makes it a more reliable option.

With upgraded software and high-tech comes a higher price. The Cozmo robot is significantly cheaper than the Vector robot, which may factor into your decision-making process.

For children who are more interested in playing games with the robot, rather than using voice features, the Cozmo may be a better choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Anki Still Running as a Company?

The company Anki announced that it was shutting down near the end of 2019. They stated that they would still be around to offer support with their existing products.

However, Digital Dream Labs bought all of the rights to Anki’s Vector and Cozmo robots so that they could keep them going. This means that there will be additional support with the products, and updates can continue to be made.

This helped to keep the products going, and there may even be further developments in the future.

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