Snap Circuits Jr. Review

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Educational toys are a great way to help your children grow their skills without it feeling like a school lesson.

Many children enjoy learning through doing, rather than listening and writing. This is why interactive toys are so important and appealing.

If you are looking for a toy for children that will help them to understand and grasp the basics of engineering, look no further.

The Snap Circuits Jr. is a great choice. It is enjoyed and loved by many children and has many educational benefits.

Snap Circuits Jr. Review

In this article, we will be reviewing Snap Circuits Jr. in a lot of detail.

We have written a review that includes all the toy’s specifications. At the end of the article, we have also included the pros and cons section.

This will help you to see if this is the right toy for your child.

We have done all of the research so you do not have to.

Elenco Electronics background

Snap Circuits are a range of children’s toys aimed at older children. They are electronic kits that educate children on engineering and circuit components. They are created by a company called Elenco Electronics.

Elenco Electronics is a leading company in STEM education. Their motto is “learn by doing”, and their toys are fun but also have an educational element. The company was founded in 1972 in Illinois, by Gil Ceccin. 

In the 70s-90s the company's products grew significantly in popularity. They could be found in high schools, colleges, and helped to introduce children to the idea of electronics. This is how their famous slogan was created.

In recent years, Elenco Electronics are still popular and their Snap Circuits are a well-purchased choice.

Snap Circuits Jr. Review

We have split up our review of the Snap Circuits Jr into useful specification sections for you to find the information you are looking for more easily.

Cost and Age

In terms of the cost, this toy is reasonably priced, especially given that it contains many parts and is educational. If your child has shown an interest in circuits and electronics, this would be a great Christmas or Birthday present that will not cost too much money.

The age recommended for this toy is 8+. This is because there are small parts that could be a potential hazard to young children. In addition to this, younger children may not understand the concept of this toy as well as older children. 

Although this kit is aimed at children aged 8+, there is nothing stopping teenagers and adults from enjoying it too. This would be a great project for you and your child to complete together.


As we have explained above, Snap Circuits Jr. is a hands-on toy that helps to educate children. Given this, the toy is interactive and encourages children to learn through their initiative. 

This toy is hands-on but is completely safe. It does not contain any soldering or tools as traditional circuits do. It is more of an introduction to engineering. Instead, the parts are all clicked in place and connected.

Given this, there are no potential injuries or safety issues. You can rest assured that your child will be safe when using this toy.

As all of the parts snap into place, there is no need for any tools. The parts are easy to clip together and separate from the mainboard. 

Ease of Use

As this game is intended for children, it is fairly easy to use and understand.

It comes with an in-depth instruction manual for your child to follow. The project cards are informational and easy to understand.

In addition to this, the instruction manual is illustrated to make it even easier for your children to understand and follow.


The Snap Circuits Jr. contains over 30 different elements that are color-coded. Each different color has a different purpose within the circuit. Although these components are snapped on to one another, they are real and work in the same way as a professional circuit, while remaining safe.

All of the components that are included mirror those in electronics such as a television or a computer. Although they are a snappable, child-friendly version, it will enable your child to recognize and understand the mechanics and components needed for electrical equipment. 

All of the components included in this kit are well made and are durable. They are made to last. You should not have issues with them breaking or being faulty if they are correctly used and stored when not in use. 

DIY Projects

What is fantastic about Snap Circuits Jr. is that encourages your children to think independently. Included with this game are 101 different do it yourself projects for your child to work through. As there are so many, this will keep them entertained for hours.

In addition to this, all of the projects are different and this helps to stop your child from becoming bored. Through these projects, your child will become more educated about circuits as a whole. In addition to this, your child can also create their own projects too. 

The projects that come with this kit include things such as an adjustable siren, a flashing light, snap wires, a voice-controlled lamp, and a flying saucer. 


As this is an interactive toy, batteries are required for it to work.

The batteries that this toy requires are 2AA. These batteries do not come with this toy and will need to be purchased separately. 


When purchasing a toy with many small parts, it is always a worry that the parts will become easily lost.

Thankfully, everything can be easily stored in separate compartments in the Snap Circuits Jr box. 

The plastic in the box is sturdy and will hold the parts. Alternatively, you can store them in a separate container.

Upgrading The Kit

In addition to everything that is included in the Snap Circuit Jr., you also have the option of upgrading your child’s kit too. The additional kits you can purchase include extra parts that can be added and used. 

They include extra projects, which is great if your child has completed all of the ones included in the original set. They also include additional manuals to read.

If you are interested in the upgrade kits, you can browse them on Amazon US here

Please note that these kits will need to be purchased at an additional cost and are not included with the original product.

What is great about the Snap Circuit toys, is that they are all compatible. So as your child progresses in their knowledge of circuits, you can purchase the upgrade and non-junior kits to use with this kit. 

Pros And Cons:

Here are all of the pros and cons of the Snap Circuits Jr.


  • Stem Toy.
  • Completely safe for children, no soldering - only snappable components.
  • All of the components are real.
  • Educational - this toy set will teach your children the basics of engineering and circuits while being a fun game.
  • It encourages hands-on learning and enables your child to be proactive and show initiative.
  • No tools required.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble the snappable parts.
  • 101 different DIY projects included.
  • It will keep your child entertained and occupied for hours.
  • Upgrade kits can be purchased at an additional cost.
  • Illustrated instruction manual and project cards that are easy for children to understand.
  • All Snap Circuit kits are compatible with each other.


  • Not suitable for younger children due to the nature of the game and the potential choking hazards of the small parts.
  • Upgrade kits need to be purchased separately at an additional cost.
  • Batteries are not included.

Summary and where to purchase

Overall we think that the Snap Circuits Jr is a great toy to purchase for your child.

While it is not suitable for children under 8, for those who are 8+ it will provide them with hours of fun.

The possibilities with this toy are endless as there are so many projects for your child to complete. In addition to this, if they complete all of the projects available, they can either create their designs, or you can purchase additional kits.

Given that this is a STEM toy, it is certainly worth considering and would be a great present for a Birthday or Christmas. It will help your child to understand the basics of electronics and engineering in a safe and fun way.

Although this is an educational toy, it will provide hours of fun and it is a great project to do with your child.

It has many parts that are durable and it can easily be stored away when not in use. It is worth remembering that batteries will need to be purchased separately and that it does contain small parts.

Always be cautious of this if you have young children or animals that may have access to the toy when it is in use.

If you are interested in purchasing the Snap Circuits Jr., you can do so via Amazon here.

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