Help us give 500 StemBoxes to girls in need!

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One for one...

We're working with ChickTech to donate one StemBox for every subscription made this holiday season.

StemBox was created by a scientist, Kina McAllister, to bring science to girls who feel like they may not have a place in the field by sending them sophisticated science experiments, authentic labware, and fun science accessories. ChickTech is an organization that aligns with our values by making hands-on STEM available to girls to inspire them to learn more about STEM. One girl can change the world, so help us get science in her hands.

How you can help:

We cannot do this without you. The only way this goal will be met is if we work together to spread the word. So any way you can share this with friends and family is fantastic, but we have some pretty easy ways for you to get started. Click any of the buttons below and you can start spreading the news!